Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting up and moving my feet or exercise sucks!

I remember when I was young my Mom put me in ballet classes in order to get me active.  I loved ballet over the years I expanded to tap and jazz.  Those classes were so much fun to me and I stayed in them until I was in junior high.  I decided to stop because I was so excited about being in junior high and getting involved with after school things and hanging out with my friends that I figured I’d be too busy.  When I look back on it now, I wish I would’ve stuck with the dance because I loved it so much.  To this day I am a sucker for any shows that involve dancing.  So You Think You Can Dance is my favorite but I’ve also been known to watch Dancing With The Stars and America’s Best Dance Crew.   When I was in dance class I didn’t think about the fact that I was exercising.  It was just fun.  As I’ve gotten older it’s been harder for me to find something that is considered exercise AND fun.  Exercise is exercise.  There’s a lot of sweating and heavy breathing and it’s not the good life affirming kind.

My mother is one of the most disciplined people I’ve ever met.  She gets up everyday to go on her walk.  I have tried several times to go with her and I epically fail every time.  It’s not that I can’t keep up with her but I go for one day and then when the alarm goes off the next morning I’m seriously not interested.  The bed is just so damn warm and soft and sleep is nice.  Mostly because I stay up way too late.  I am an epic night owl.  It's also just so boring.  She goes the same route and I need a little bit more variety in my life.

I’ve made a mix of music I love to listen to on my iPod and I’ve gone walking alone on my own route a few times now and I kinda love it.  So, I’ve decided from now until my birthday (which is in a month) I will walk at least twice a week.  When the birthday comes I’ve decided to up the walking to three to four times a week until July 4th .  I’m hoping by then it will have become a habit and I’ll just keep doing it.   I’m going to walk when and wherever I feel like for at least 30 minutes.  There are some really lovely neighborhoods around where I live so I enjoy walking through them.  Also doing it alone allows me to just be with myself and clear my head and not worry about conversation.

I guess this is what goal setting is about.  I've realized that goals are pretty good for me.  I find myself wanting to actually meet them where as in the past, not so much.  People can really change!

Anyway, this has to work for me until I get the funds to join a gym or find a class I can enjoy.  I am committed to moving more because it helps me feel better mentally and I love being happy everyday.  Perhaps I’ll give yoga another go.


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