Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weddings and realizations

I am a romantic at heart.  I've always believed in fairytales and true love and most thing that make the majority of people puke.  I believe in love a first sight, soulmates, and Prince Charming. I believe that love can happen like it does in the movies.  Of course even though I wished for it, I never used to think it would happen to me.  I wasn't deserving of it because I wasn't skinny and perfect.  Now that I think about it, that is the most ridiculous thought that anyone could possibly have.

This past weekend I was privileged to witness the marriage of two of my very close friends.  I've been to several weddings and though they are lovely events I have normally left them feeling less than stellar.  It'd always been one of those things when I'd sit there wondering when it would be my turn and why wasn't this happen to me.  When I think back on it now it was just one of those moments when I should've been just like Seriously, get over yourself.  This time it was different.  All I could do was smile the entire time.  I watched two people that were meant for each other pledge their lives to each other and it was so beautiful.  These were two people who were clearly meant to be together and love each other more than anything and there is no doubt in my mind that they will go the distance.  It bought tears to my eyes to watch them kiss, to see them announced as Mr. and Mrs. and to see them have the day that the both deserved.  I was really so happy to be apart of it.

I no longer sit around and pout about when will it be my turn.  I recognize the fact that I need to figure out who I am as a person before I can share my life with someone.  I know that everything I dream about will come true.  The person I will share my life with, my best friend who I will share secrets with, have adventures with and grow old with will find me and I will find him.  I used to live in fear that as the year go by I was going to turn into an old maid (because I'm ANCIENT) and I would die alone but I've gotten rid of that fear.  It was long overdue because really, it was weighing me down. 

It's always an amazing feeling when I've jumped over another hurdle that has held me back.  This weekend I also learned that I really have an amazing talent.  My friends trusted me with their wedding cake and I delivered.  I worried all last week and everything went fine.  The cake was beautiful and delicious and I really know what I'm doing.  I've always wanted to do wedding cakes since before I went to school and now if it's meant to be I want to follow that path.  We shall see where it takes me.

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Faby said...

Loved your new post! Would love to see a picture of the cake you made for your friends.
I completely agree with you and are full proof of it- "I need to figure out who I am as a person before I can share my life with someone."
Its amazing what happens when you finally get to that point.
In the meantime you also become this fabulous person and destiny brings you a like person right at your lap.